Raspberry Pi: First boot

After a long while, this turned out to be a productive weekend. I got my Raspberry Pi to bootup finally. For this, I had to unbox Mitali’s TV, find a video out cable and a MicroSD card adapter. Turns out she has a pretty slick TV, and how better to utilize it other than to run linux on it? Poor TV, it has turned geek after mistress’ marriage.

First bootup of my Raspberry Pi

Anyway, started out with Fedora 18 RPi Remix. Didn’t have an HDMI cable to enjoy full resolution display, didn’t have the wireless keyboard, mouse so as to get a free USB port for the WiFi adapter. Hope to set them all up in the coming week.


2 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi: First boot

  1. Heheh if i’m correct the tv is placed such that it can be better used for viewing and writing codes.

  2. Hehe, absolutely. No plans of wall mounting it, it should stay sitting on the wheeled table for sake of portability. Perhaps I can program it to keep streaming videos from the internet.. thinking of the possibilities still.

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