Bye bye 2011

The year seems to be coming to an end. 2011 was one of the bad ones in life for various reasons. It is impossible to list all the various reasons for this without annoying some asshole or the other, but it just suffices to say that it was a year of setbacks, disappointments and realizations. The single most positive development was me getting a Nokia N9. Heheh, okok, there were other moments better than this, but just couldn’t resist the temptation to mention it.

At the beginning of the year, I had the company of various people. Some were assholes, some were really good friends and some were colleagues to draw inspiration from. I end this year with absolutely nothing to do with them anymore. By the grace of God, circumstances have forced some leachers out of my life, and I couldn’t have done any better at that wilfully! Hence, the positives far outweigh the negatives, trust me. So, expecting 2012 to be a step forward in life. Welcome 2012, I’ll value each day carefully towards a happy fulfilling life ahead.

Ikri Mikri

I used to play this with my grandmother who had taught me these verses. We had a great time when I was small. She also taught me some cool origami tricks, will try to remember them.

Ikiri mikiri cham chikiri,
Chamé kaata mojumdar,
Dé élo damodar,
Damodarér handi kudi,
Taité boshé chaal kudi,
Chaal kudithé holo béla,
Bhaat khabiaai jamaai shaala,
Bhaaté podlo maachi,
Kodal diyé chanchi,
Kodal holo bonta,
Kankshiyalér maata!

How to:
The kids sit in a circle and place their hands in the centre with fingers spread out. The song is sung with great gusto and one kid touches every finger in turn, progressing in a clockwise direction. The finger that gets touched when the last word of the song is sung is tucked under the hand it belongs to and the game goes on, with the song being sung anew. A kid who “loses” all his fingers is out of the game. The last kid standing (sitting, rather) wins!

New activities, More Balanced Life

Yesterday, had fruitful “business” discussions with Mitali, Pavanesh and Vivek. It seems the plans seem fit and ready to be proceeded with. Yes, “business” stuff!

After a year of disappearance from normal life, I have changed and been rendered unfit to be described in one or two words — words like “techie”, “nerd”, “geek”, etc. Pretty much the opposite. I’ve started taking travel more seriously, writing micro/macro blog posts more often, reading “non-tech” stuff with more passion, and of course, utilizing my intellect more on the lines of entrepreneurship.

Recent trips to Mysore, Mekedatu and Kalyani was part of a series of one big eye-opener: travel is fun. Playing around with a GPS is even more interesting! Looking forward to taking up more trips, more GPS traces, more fun and less (but productive) work. Hoping to bring this blog and my fellow bloggers back to life (Anshul, Akriti, Mitali, Anshima ma’m: are you reading?)

Adventure week

It all started with a mistake, committed early on in my life. It was decided (by me) that I don’t deserve the honour to hold a passport in life. This decision was fueled by the more fundamentally governing decision bestowed upon me by cooler powers that “thou shalt be lazy in life” 🙂 In pursuit of this cherished holy grail of my life, i.e. to do everything at the last moment, I decided to push the application for my passport right till the last moment.

[Note: I never got to complete this blog post. I am leaving this one be as a “contd…”, but if you know me, you’d understand that I never complete “contd…” tasks 😉 ]

Informal meetup with fellow Allahabad GSoC’ers

Today was very cool, met two cool fellow GSoC’ers from Allahabad (both from IIIT, Allahabad). Kr0y and l0nwlf (Kalpana Roy of Linux Foundation/GNOME and Shashwat Anand of Open64, see here), as they’re known, joined me for a (awkward?) supper at Friends cafe in Civil Lines. Was fantastic interacting with them! Apart from my weird behaviour with the Chicken burger which caused some awkwardness, probably, it was a cool meet. l0nwlf gave me a HD full of cool stuff, that I will check out later tonight/early morning tomorrow. Also, on the agenda for the meet, though not very strictly, was the press handling of the GSoC selection of 4 students from Allahabad for the first time, the press report was left to sort itself out later. Looking forward to more such cool meetups, and also with the 4th Allahabadi student, Zaid from MNNIT. Even apart from GSoC, I feel there’s a lot of cool similarities between all of us for us to be in touch and be friends for the years to come.

Oh, just on a sad note, kr0y informed me that almost no one uses Anjuta in IIIT, Allahabad. People just stick to vi or emacs for writing just one file C programs. Thought provoking, I hope it all changes over time. Probably with pre-installed Anjuta in major Linux distros, things would change for the student community.