AMD Ryzen and Naples CPUs

I am extremely excited to follow the development about the AMD’s latest Ryzen CPUs. I am going to order the 8 core, 16 thread AMD Ryzen 7 1700 CPU, which overclocks to similar performance as found in Ryzen 1800X. Exciting part is that it beats Intel’s 6900K in Cinebench R15, and comes at one-third of the price of the 6900K. Hoping to have this by early April. This seems like the perfect candidate to replace my Intel 5820k based machine.

More excitingly, AMD’s Naples CPUs have been previewed, and they are said to have 32 cores per CPU! The top of the line Intel Xeons have 22 cores (Xeon E5 2699 v4). If the price is affordable, I hope to get myself a dual Naples based system with 64 physical cores. That would be a good replacement for my dual Xeon E5 2658 v3 (24 cores) machine.

Last year, I attended a course from Colfax regarding Intel XeonPhi co-processors, and was very impressed. Remains to be seen what is next with XeonPhi, and if they become mainstream processors.

Life has changed. Earlier, we could just write about all the shit we did as effortlessly as we did them; be it freaky trips or bunked classes or missed exams or trips to restaurants. Now, not only are such events hard to come by, but also writing about them isn’t really appealing (or good). I’ll just try to sum up recent days. They have been really bad!

Manas fell ill, had to resort to medical care back in Allahabad.. Why so? Despite running continuous high fever for a few days, a Hyderabad hospital prescribed him “crocin” to run the fever down! And, not just Manas.. I fell ill, got admitted into CMH for a couple of days. And these are just a few highlights of the tip of an iceberg.

Anyway, will try to keep writing again, soon.